Codi’s product is a nutritious series which incorporated supreme patented Cordyceps, a precious mushroom from China discovered since 1500 years ago. Developed with the philosophy of combine the knowledge of legendary with today biotechnology, Codi has created products that offer us simply the best for good health.




Premix Tea With Cordyceps

“Exotic taste and aroma, good for your digestion!”

CODI TEH TARIK is a high antioxidant milk tea beverage with the combination of Cordyceps and ‘Darjeeling Tea’. Darjeeling tea was selected as the first product in India to receive 'GI tag' or Geographical Indication label in year 2004-2005, approved by Indian Patent Office (Registration & Protection Act, 1999). It is the world’s most premium oolong tea with an exotic aroma. This tea produces a distinctive sweet floral aroma and unique 'musky' taste.

Enjoy this beverage daily for giving you a refreshing mind, better digestion and various long term health benefits!


1. What is Darjeeling Tea?

Darjeeling tea is a premium oolong tea with distinctive sweet floral aroma and unique ‘musky’ taste. It is an exortic tea only produced in Darjeeling, India.

2. What are the benefits of taking Codi Teh Tarik?

This superb tasty beverage gives you a refreshing mind, for better digestion and long term health benefits!

3. Direction of use

Dilute 1 sachet of Codi Teh Tarik powder with 160ml of hot water.