Codi’s product is a nutritious series which incorporated supreme patented Cordyceps, a precious mushroom from China discovered since 1500 years ago. Developed with the philosophy of combine the knowledge of legendary with today biotechnology, Codi has created products that offer us simply the best for good health.




Premix Coffee with Cordyceps

"Refresh your mind every day!"

CODI CAFE is a good choice of your morning beverage made from Arabica coffee which rich in flavor and aroma. Together with extract of Cordyceps, it revitalizes your mind every morning to be prepared for all challenges of life!


1. Can people with heart problem consume Codi Café?

Please understand that because each heart problem patient is with different health condition, body reaction from each individual is vary. Some people may feel hard to sleep or heart palpitation after excess consumption. We advise those with any medical condition to consult with their physician before consuming Codi products.

2. Direction of use

Dilute 1 sachet of Codi Café powder with 150ml of hot water.